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Radio Kärnan

Abouth the Radio:

Radio Kärnan is a small radiostation in the north-west of Skåne. We are part of the Communty radio in Helsingborg. “Helsingborgs Närradio”.


Helsingborg Närradio starts in 1979 with 15 different members of different political, sport and religious associations. Community Radio “Närradio” was founded in Sweden that year, the reason for the introduction of community radio was that you wanted to give associations around the country a chance to spread their views. Now it was not only reserved for Swedish Radio to broadcast, but most of the compounds were given the chance to spread their message to the people.

The community radio association was founded and has the permission to own the transmitter, the permission to the frequency and take care of common things as music reporting communication between studios and all common technical equipment. Nowadays the association is also responsible for the allocation of transmission times between the organizations, previously handled by the authorities. The organization of the association are very democratic each sending organization have one vote. That prevent one large organization to rule over the others.

All organization have the possibility to broadcast them self and receive a sending permission from the authority that is private for each organization and made the broadcast legally. Every sending organization have their own responsibility of correct speech and law according to the act of free word in broadcasting. And following the rules of press ethics from NRO for broadcast.

Abouth this projekt in Radio Kärnan:

The period of 1933 -1945 concerning the Swedish official and unofficial attitude concerning the fascism in Germany, Spain and Italy have big differences.

In the political sphere the right wing where in the early thirties mostly positive to the fascism and the left wing and unions against the fascism.

The Swedish Governement neutral carriage give an historical wrong picture of the fight against fascism that taking place in communistic and Swedish social demokraty areas. And the working Unions fight have never been on the table.

There are especialy in Norway and Denmark and several European countries a very low knowledge about the resistance against fascism that took place in Sweden.

Very few are awere of the several thousand of Swedish sailors working and dying at sea in the allieds navy and the merscant during the war.

Volontary in Spanish civil war and in English, Norwegian and USA army.

Our radiostation have an purpose to give a true story built on fact and personal interviews of people that have personal experience from that time.

Our Radiostation have a purpose to give historical correct information to our listeners and educate our people. .

It is a last chance to have the peoples voice that was involved in fight and on other action against fascism in Sweden. It is a duty to the listener and the young generation from Community Radio that stays free from political history tellers.