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Radiofabrik is a non-commercial community radio station in Salzburg, Austria. It started broadcasting in 1998 and can be listened 24 hours a day at 107,5 MHz and on the Internet at

Our mission statement

Our history

The principle of public access and a low threshold are very important and make Radiofabrik and its 300 members an active player in the public discussion. Our members are volunteer radio makers from diverse backgrounds, who share their opinions and favourite music on air. We broadcast in 15 languages (though mainly in German). One of the aims of Radiofabrik is to stimulate groups or individuals to express themselves in the radio. Main topics are social and political life, culture, migration and intercultural issues, among many others.

Radiofabrik is also an institution for education (media competence, empowerment).

Radiofabrik has received a renowned Austrian radio prize on adult education (Radiopreis der Erwachsenenbildung) 6 times in a row in the last 6 years. We believe that community radio plays an important role in adult education in at least two ways: We reach people via radio transmission with our dazzling array of content, and we train people in our numerous workshops on media production in a very broad sense.




Since the very beginning, history has always been an important topic in our radio community. Our aim is to foster the understanding of the past, especially in connection with its influence on the present.

We have coordinated 2 European radio-projects on historical memory in the last years, both of them financed in the programme “Europe for Citizens”, Active European Rememberance.

In 2014 some of our radio makers also produced a short radio show to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I and the soldiers who fought it. “Stimmen aus den Schützengräben” (“Voices from the trenches”) was a multi-lingual project, featuring original documents in German, English, Italian and French. In October 2014 the show has received a nomination for the Radiopreis der Erwachsenenbildung.

In this learning partnership we want to share our experiences with radios from non-German-speaking countries, exchange good practice, learn from other ideas and strategies and especially from other historical backgrounds and ways of dealing with them. We also want to motivate more people of our community to deal with historical memory and get in touch with other radio-activists in other European countries.