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R.I.G. fm

RIG Radio Iguanodon Gironde, was created 30 years ago by a group from the secular Scouting Girl Scouts and Scouts of France.
It broadcasts on the territory of the Urban Community of Bordeaux within a radius of 60km
Since its inception, has always wanted RIG respect the values ​​of democracy , the fight against discrimination, participates in the development of local, social and cultural and leaves everyone the opportunity to express themselves. RIG plays a media educator role , she works with different audiences on a variety of projects. In this context, it offers many workshops non formal training. Everyone can learn the techniques of sound and animation, be aware of the laws of community radio stations, learn to express themselves , develop their curiosity. Its aim is also to create social bonds , to allow everyone to create his show to present its structure, … but also serve as a tool of memory to allow everyone to tell their story . It is indeed engaged in goals related to memory and wishes to file reports on its history in the departmental archives of Bordeaux.
Because the territory of the Cub is dotted with remnants of World War II ( bunkers , entrenched camps , …) and because we had the opportunity to meet different people who lived during the war , we wanted to reflect on ” forgotten History. ” We wish to collect their stories and thus recover some of the history of the Second World War , unknown to the general public and especially the younger generations , working on the Compulsory Work Service . These reports , after posting (s), shall be deposited in the departmental archives .
The Gruntvig file will implement this project. The association has always wanted to create links with other community radios, it proposes actions between radio planning , actions and programs are relayed by various networks of independent radio stations in the region. RIG also helped in the creation of different free radios in France and abroad . His various experiences with other radios have learned a lot and allowed to think and carry out new projects . European partnerships can enrich themselves culturally and provide listeners with high-quality programs .