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Radio Oloron

When Mitterrand gives permission in 1981 to private radio transmitting from France , free radios multiply .. and enter a competitive logic . Most independent radios disappear or are bought by large financial groups . But this is not the end of the story: a few diehards and radio enthusiasts resist and continue to remain independent , as became Radio Oloron .

Radio Oloron is a community radio station with five employees and sixty volunteers at large. It was founded in February 1982 by a dozen volunteers , mostly teachers. This is the first radio Béarn , and the first free radios . At first, the speakers were all volunteers, and it was the teachers who provided the operation before or after their work day , so the radio emitting in the morning and evening. Now, with new technology, the radio never stops and turns 24h / 24 on FM 89.2 or


In its program schedule , Radio Oloron offers local information sessions and is the essential link to announce many events . Emissions , make the volunteers are rich and varied programs on the books , the local language , politics , environment, etc … The music programs are very present and intergenerational ; they range from Punk to the accordion, from techno to reggae, 40s rap . Although Radio Oloron covers a multitude of events, four areas are essential in the association: culture, sports, local language and school .

A field radio ! Throughout the year , the team radio provides direct , throughout the territory ; a transmission is made to a lady of 93 years , on Wednesday evening .From many events are covered by the radio: Jazz Festival, the Association Forum , the valleys of the Festival, political elections, Hestiv’oc ( in partnership with other radios) , Réseau’lution (which deals with the environment) , etc …


Radio Oloron also has a training role : it welcomes interns , they come from colleges or schools of journalism ; also works with schools , both on the technical aspect of an issue than mounting a magazine. Radio has also helped college ( Lasseube ) to mount a web radio .

Side operation, the budget of the association represents about 100 000 in all. This may seem a lot, but the amount allows to live just the radio. 80 % of this comes from the support fund ( Before it was a percentage levied on advertising revenue of private radio and TV, but now it is a grant from the Ministry of Culture ) . Each year, Radio Oloron must therefore present a record of the actions taken during the past year in order to receive this support fund. In parallel, the town also provides a grant each year. Occasional commercials and ads also reinforce the budget