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radio flora

Radio Flora began to broadcast on june 21th in 1997 as a local-regional, non-comercial radio in the city and region of Hannover. It’s main objective was and is to give a voice to people without voice in the mainstream media; to be a space for alternative information and communication between radioactivists and listeners; to prove news forms of broadcasting and to realise media-education. Radio Flora has a large experience in organizing radioworkshops for people of different ages and nationalities who like to learn radiotechnics, writing for and speaking in radioprogramms. Radio Flora offers the oportunity to immigrants to realise programms in their specific lenguages. Also exist programms produced by young people, women, handicaped persons and senior citizens. Our principle is learning by doing and live long.
A constant part of our activities in the radio is the analisis and discussion of local and regional history showing its international implications. An example is the history of arming and warfare of the german airforce and the destruction of Gernika in its regional and international dimension. We’ve made different programms in german and spanish about this topic because part of the so called Legion Condor was trained at military airbases near Hannover. We are interested in historical investigation about the impact of military violence of NS-Regime in Basque Country, Spain and other countries, as well as the further consequences and the manner to remember o forget these crimes. With this in mind we want to contact community radios with similiar interests and projects, to exchange material and experiences. In the city and the region of Hannover we are in touch with initiatives interested and activ in historical investigation and memorial work. Some of these activists want to participate in the radio and be trained in the production of radioprogramms.