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PausuMedia is an association whose main objective is the construction of an area of ​​border territory -wide communication Bay Txingudi. He participated in 2000 in the creation of community radio Antxeta Irratia .
It has, since 2005, an electronic weekly – Bidasoa Media ( ) – and is a member of the publisher of the newspaper ” Hitza ” ( published since March 2009) . It also participates in the project of creating a local television ( ” Hamaika Telebista “).
In the area of formal education has a long experience in the making of ” communication workshops ” with adults and ” radio workshops ” with students. At the level of formal education conducts workshops with volunteers who want to learn the radio techniques : techniques, ethics and community radio journalist and expression with a microphone / what we call communication literacy practices ) .
The area in which it operates – the Bidasoa which marks the border between France and Spain is an area with strong impact of various conflicts : refugee movements at different times , Carlist Wars , 1st and 2nd World Wars , Spanish War, Basque conflict , ETA, GAL, etc. .
Conducts important work in the field of historical memory .
He has developed a series of reports on the “Red Comet ” – evacuating British airmen killed in Central Europe from Brussels to Madrid ; worked collecting testimonies from refugees from different periods in Hendaye ; was done on the role of smuggling and the black market during the economic autarky of the Franco dictatorship .
More recently he has developed reports on the importance of economic migration in Irun and Hondarribia and importance in the mutation of both sites
PausuMedia is an active activity in European cooperation projects and is currently involved in two projects : one Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and Youth Crime Action – Youth for democracy.
To PausuMedia participate in this project is an opportunity to contribute and learn with other European partners on this subject of work you both interested, involving the same students / volunteers and expecting it to have a direct impact on improving work in this area , essential in the area of ​​formal, non -formal and informal adult throughout life ..