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Gruntvig project meeting and start up Ljubljana, Slovenia 2014

Radio Student Ljubljana was the organizer of the first meeting in the program of “Forgotten Memories” in November 2014. It took place in their radio station lecture room in the student campus of Ljubljana.
We all received a warm and friendly welcome, and the meeting was full up with expectations. The start up was with lecture and information of the Radio Student history and all the problems for a student community radio during the communist rule in Slovenia and how they have taken part of the freedom fight and continued their radio work after Slovenia became independent in 1991 and later in 2004 a part of EU.
Their (Radio Student) competences in radio broadcasting are on a high level and they also have very good competences in broadcasting and presenting radio broadcasts on the web.
This meeting had to clear up positions for the different project parts for each member and share the project work specification for each member of the project group.
We received a good and interesting lecture of the future prospects of Radio Student and shared the knowledge on existing problems for all community radios in Europe, especially with the economic hard time.
The first meeting in Ljubljana gave us all appropriate knowledge on all members in this project “Forgotten memories” and also some good ideas to strengthen our own work.
The meeting gave us all a good chance to get to know the other members in the project and also to decide on the possible bilateral visits among the project partners. Below you find a report from the meeting made by Radio Flora and some pictures from the meeting.