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Radio Flora in Hanover was the host for the meeting and they made the arrengement was very good and intresting.

We had a large number of intresting lectures about the different problems of Community Radio in Germany.

Radio Flora have been in  a number of different problem to sending radio since 1993 and have several times change possibilitys to continue sending Community Radio.

Cooperation with the University emplyes they have give the programs of Forgotten memories very alive.

We made a very interesting radioshow together with all meeting members.

We were informed about the Koncentration Camp in Hannover and have a intresting look at the area and the location. The story showing that the International company Continental use warprisoners and have them as labour during the second war and When the war was near ended they send all the warprisoners to Bergen-Belsen to be execused by SS.

And now they are not intrested to help Radio Flora and theis friends to raise a memory monument over they not survived.

They  made a good program in Hanover and all their work for us to enjoy,

The lectures was realy good and intresting and learned us a lot about the problems to finding truht.

I belive everybody have a better knowlidge how important it is to not forgott and Community Radio and the their membrers have the opportunity to make radioprograms for the young generations in EU and the rest of the world.

And here the radioshow made during the meeting and some Pictures from the meeting..