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The third Grundtvig meeting and training was an education meeting in Athlone from May 14-15 2014.

Athlone Community Radio and their Staf and members in Athlone gave us all a very good Conference and a good look and information of the Community Radio 88,4 in Athlone.

All information and meetings was located at Shamrock Lodge. A nice and good Hotel where we have our meals and rooms.

We recived a very good and intresting information of Construction of collective memory by the Trainer, Tom Clonan .

The both day become very intresting for us. The history of Ireland conflict with United Kingdom ,England. We from Sweden have very different history to campare to the lecture and information we recived in Athlone.

We even get very good knowledge to collect our information from different places of Tom Conan. Most of the fact´s recived from secret documents and have not been publised public but in two books “Blood,sweat and tears and, Whistleblower, soldier boy.

We even got a good information how to deal with information before we publish.

I will give a Big hug to Athlone Community Radio and Staff for an excellent meeting in Athlone.

We left Athlone and Ireland with a large bag of know-how and find the days very good and helpfull for our own program making. and below here you got opertunity too see Pictures from the meeting and listen to the radioprograms recorded.

Hera you can download a full Report from Athlone Meeting

Radioshow part 1

Radioshow part 2