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Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in All Episodes, Germany, Radio Corax |

Mansfelder Land – red or dead land?

Mansfelder Land – red or dead land?

3 Herren in Hettstedt

The Mansfelder Land is a region in saxony anhalt. Until the 90s, the region was economically wealthy because of copper mining. After the change in Eastern Germany, all mines were closed. Many people lost their job and their future. Because of the bad and depressiong economical situation, most young people left the region. Now, more than 20 years later, the small villages appear to be empty. Their is no working infrastructure left. The Mansfelder Land went from a rich to a poor and dead land. Just the landscape with all the huge heaps bespeaks the wealthy history of copper mining in the Mansfelder Land.

3 Herren in Hergisdorf

Radio Corax went out to a field trip by bike to explore the reasons for the deterioration of the region after the change.


steam enginge, Mansfeld Museum