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Radio ARA is a free and alternative radio station in Luxembourg. Many citizens and associations participate in the programme. The programme’s characteristics are the following:
– original: always something new to discover
– special: a combination of different styles
– multiculti: different voices and languages, music from here and from far away.

Graffiti is the youth programme of Radio ARA. Graffiti includes shows made by the youth and for the youth. All young people in the age range of 12-26 years have the opportunity to make their own radio show.
Weekly Graffiti offers young people the transmission time of 15 hours, from Monday to Friday from 2pm till 5pm, on the frequencies 102,9 and 105.2 MHz.
Graffiti is a kind of a youth centre, where young people have the opportunity to broadcast their self-produced programs with their music style, features, interviews, and much more via antenna. Graffiti also offers radio workshops in schools, youth houses and in collaboration with other youth relevant institutions and organizations.



Radio ARA got its broadcasting licence in 1992. The network has its main transmitter in Luxembourg-City (see here) and several smaller transmitters throughout the country. Radio RadAU, which has been broadcasting as a pirate station from the city and from the south of Luxembourg during the second half of the 80’s, can be considered as one of the drives of the radio-liberalisation in Luxembourg. Several people from RadAU participated in setting up Radio ARA.
If from the beginning the international community of Luxembourg has been participating with the radio, the re-launch of the morning grid with an English speaking service in 2000 under the brand of “ARACityradio” was an important step in the history of the station. Since 2004, the association Graffiti, in charge of the youth programme in the afternoon, has taken a new dynamic after employing an educator to strengthen the coaching of the young journalists and DJs and by enforcing partnership with other associations, initiatives and youth centres.

Graffiti, the non-profit purposes (asbl: association sans but lucratif) was created in early 1993 in order to give youth the access to the radio. Graffiti has steadily expanded its media education and educational mission in recent years.

Project for the Grundtvig project “Oral History – Memory under construction”: Youth Culture in Luxembourg since the 1950s

In the framework of the Grundtvig project “Oral History – memory under construction” we are producing a series titled “Youth Culture in Luxembourg since the 1950s”.
Youth culture is the way adolescents live, the norms, values, and practices they share. There are several dominant theories about the emergence of youth culture in the 20th century. Youth research has come to define youth through personal experience, especially in terms of an individual’s level of dependency, which can be marked in various ways according to different cultural perspectives. Regarding these aspects, we are cooperating with the University of Luxembourg, especially with the Institute INSIDE – Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development.

While personal experiences are marked by individual’s cultural norms or traditions, youth’s level of dependency refers to the extent to which they still rely on their family emotionally and economically. Concerning these parts, we are interviewing contemporary witnesses. For our project, we are questioning people with a different sociocultural background of different ages and genders. The interviewees are interviewed about their youth in Luxembourg in a familiar environment in an open conversation. In addition to the interviews with contemporary witnesses and the scientifically based findings by the experts of the University of Luxembourg, original historical recordings and authentic music will be included in the broadcasts.

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