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Athlone Community Radio


Athlone Community radio

Athlone Community radio

Athlone Community Radio is not for profit volunteer led community development project that facilitates equal access to media and allows members of the community to become creative contributors rather than passive listeners.

ACR promotes and protects cultural, social, artistic and linguistic diversity. ACR serves the community by offering the following services: volunteering, participating in media creation, access to airwaves, community news/view, broadcasting, FETAC Accredited Training, skills development, social enrichment, work experience, outside broadcasting, programme production, alternative listening;

ACR provided air time to over 300 community groups and has given every school in Athlone area an opportunity to become involved in the programme making. ACR has been a recipient of several broadcast awards since 2008.

Athlone Community Radio was formed in 2006 as a steering group comprised of individuals from a number of community organisations who saw that a community radio station would serve the interests of their clients and the general public of Athlone and its environs. Athlone Community Radio has seven staff members and more than 50 active volunteers who are regularly creating programmes and helping in the station.

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